The concept for the Washington Spring mystery series started with a misdialed telephone number. The stranger who answered talked at length about her life in a retirement community and that it was always embroiled in controversy. When I hung up I could imagine a continuing care community as an ideal setting for exploring elder personalities living in an insular community rife with entanglements and secrets. Washington Spring is that series. 

A Horse of a Different Color, book no. 1, debuts as the first full length novel by Robin Arcus. Ms. Arcus' non-fiction work includes first prizes for Saying Goodbye (Rose Post NC Writers' Network), Venice, and For Mrs. Rowe as She Lay Dying (Gutenberg Litegraphic Society). 

Robin Arcus lives in Durham, North Carolina in a 1920 bungalow. She plans to be buried in her native Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 

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